• Acivir Eye Ointment

    Acyclovir  is used to viral infections of skin, mucus membrane and genitals caused by herpes simplex virus including shingles. It is also used for treating recurrent herpes simplex infections and to prevent herpes simplex infections in people prone to infections due to a weak immune system (immunocompromised). Acyclovir can also be used to treat chickenpox (also viral infections). Eye ointment is indicated for ulceration of the conjuctiva due to Herpes virus.

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  • Neosporin-H Eye Ointment

    Polymyxin B is used in treating serious bacterial infections including respiratory infections and infections of the urinary tract. It is also given in combination with neomycin and dexamethasone or in combination with trimethoprim to treat bacterial infections in the eye.

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