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Welcome to the original, Indian - based, online pharmacy «EuroPharm», where you can buy pharmaceuticals of the highest quality, and at highly competitive prices!

Our company «EuroPharm» is both an advisory and consultation group, which assists individuals to take their treatment and health into their own hands. We help you to access and purchase rare medicines from India, directly from the manufacturer, at modest wholesale prices.

Our mission is to facilitate the purchase of these products in a democratic and transparent way.


Advantages of buying medication from us:


Lower price – clearly by purchasing directly from us, you are not subsidising the gross margins which are added along the pharmaceutical supply chain, before entering government controlled distribution networks. Taxes, duties, shipping, storage, rep’s commissions, government licencing, pharmacy surcharges, doctor – sales rep relations etc. all conspire to make the cost of buying medicines unacceptably high, thereby granting access only to the privileged few. Medicines featured on our site can be acquired up to 3 times cheaper than from the high street.

India is a country renowned for the calibre of its pharmaceutical manufacturing. There, pharmaceutical companies do not pay legal and illegal fees for entry into the Indian marketplace, which leads to much cheaper medicines available to the public.

High quality products - we only work with proven and reliable pharmaceutical companies such as Astrazeneca, Msd, Cilpa, Natco Pharma, Asunra, Roche, Novartis. All medicine is supplied to us directly from the production unit without the involvement of a third party. Therefore we can guarantee the authenticity of every product featured in our catalogue.

Prompt delivery - we only send parcels through reliable international logistic companies, such as DHL and EMS. Depending on national delivery networks and your regional remoteness you should always receive within the estimated time frame.

Products in stock! -all products on our site are regularly checked and restocked.

Rare, cutting edge medicines – through us you can purchase expensive and rare anti-cancer therapies such as Goserelin, Yondelis, Tarceva, Herceptin, Sutent, Cancidas, Tasigna, Baraklyud, Aksitinib, Avastin, Velcade, Iressa, Bondronan, Tayverb, Votrient, Advagraf, Zometa, Revoleyd